Mail my card | Postage and Mailing Service
Mail my card | Postage and Mailing Service

Mail my card | Postage and Mailing Service

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Want to send a card quickly and easily without waiting for it to get to you in the mail?  Excellent! We have a solution for you.

We will mail any card you purchase with a pre-set or custom message. Yes, you will purchase a card, we will write your message and put in in the mail for you, stamp included!

Sometimes it can be difficult to find just the right words so we have some suggestions for you. You can select any of the below messages OR you can create a custom message.  

The following messages can be selected:

1. Hi "Insert to: name here" , Just sending you a reminder that you are always on my mind and in my heart.  - "Insert from: name here"

2. Hi "Insert to: name here", Sending you a great big wish for lots of happiness, now and forever! - "Insert name here"

3. Hi "Insert to: name here", I miss you! Just thought I would say hello. - "Insert from: name here"

4. Hi "Insert to: name here", Here's a little inspiration to brighten your day! - "Insert from: name here"

5. Hi "Insert to: name here", Thank you. I will never forget your kindness. - "Insert from: name here"

6. Hi "Insert to: name here", Thank you. I owe you, BIG TIME! - "Insert from: name here"

7. Hi "Insert to: name here", No fancy words. Sending this great, big HUG since I cannot be there with you. - "Insert from: name here"

Once you have selected your message you need to add some additional detail in the cart notes. in your cart you will see the "special instructions for seller" section. Use this section to indicate your "to/from" name or if you have selected "custom message" you need to let us know the FULL message including greeting and closing.

If you have any questions please email us so we can clarify.

If we have any questions we will send you an email for clarification.