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Plan with me! Weekly Planner Layout in a few easy steps

These weekly planner layout posts are turning into a regular thing. Should I just go ahead and make it official, should I do a plan with me every week? My focus with these weekly layouts is simple and easy to accomplish layouts for folks who are busy or just starting on their bullet journal or planning journey. Let me know in the comments below if I should officially make this "plan with me" a weekly thing. Now, let's get this one started.

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A Bullet Journal Weekly Spread in 5 Easy Steps

You're thinking about your upcoming week, you KNOW the bullet journal process is going to be a helpful tool for organizing your life but you’re just starting out and you need to ease your way in. You need a simple bullet journal weekly spread to get you started. You’re in luck! Below are 5 steps to get you to a simple spread for your upcoming week.

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Quick and Easy Weekly Bullet Journal Spread

I am a big fan of using a bullet journal as a planner and every week I create a spread to capture what I need to accomplish for the week. My days have been packed, with lots of tasks to complete so I needed to get it done quickly. This week’s bullet journal layout I kept simple and easy out of necessity. This layout is great for a bullet journal beginner. These are just a few of the steps I took to achieve this cute and simple weekly spread.

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Incredibly easy Habit Tracking, with these 3 tips!

This year, instead of resolutions I am creating good habits! My days, probably like yours, are super busy and I have very little spare time so I was in need of something to make habit tracking simple and easy. I did some digging and as a result, I came up with these 3 tips that have made it easier for me to stay on track (pun intended). Implement one or all three of these steps and they should add some ease to your habit tracker practice.

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